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The first book in the Battle Ridge Bittersweet Romance series was chosen for a summer Beach Reads Promo! From July 15th through July 28th, click the following link to get your copy of Give It Away by Tessa Bonny and other great romance reads. And get ready for the third book in the series coming later this summer….Someday. Can Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Reynolds finally convince Dr. Susan Ramos they have a shot? Have a great summer!

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Ghost Stories with Tara Brume

My new series, which starts with the book Sir Kay, are Paranormal Cozy Mysteries, and I’ve been asked, what does that mean? What on Earth is a Paranormal Cozy Mystery? Agatha Christie was the Queen of Cozy Mysteries. She basically invented the genre.

Any good Cozy will have a handful of elements: a strong “detective” lead, often they will have no formal detective or police training but will instead be invested in the outcome of the mystery in some way; a central mystery, it might be as simple as who is stealing, cheating or lying, but most often involves murder; and the solution can be something that the reader can follow along and discover if they can pay attention to the dropped clues and ignore the red herrings along the way.

What makes the Sir Kay Cozy Mysteries Paranormal? Kay St. Vincent can see the dead. Not in a horror kind of way, but in an “I see dead people!” kind of way. She sees the ghosts of the departed on this plane where others can’t. Most especially, she is constantly visited by her dead father, Dennis, who loves to startle her by popping in unannounced in her day to day life. There are mysteries about Dennis and the dead Kay sees that will be revealed as the series commences. So Kay is left to figure out whodunnit, help the dead and to hold down a challenging new day job.

In one of the posts on my Facebook page, I reference Jack. Jack is Kay’s neighbor. Her hot, single neighbor. Wait, does this mean these are romance books like Tessa Bonny’s Battle Ridge series? Not exactly. Is Jack a romantic interest for Kay? Yes, but…. The books won’t revolve around their, will they – won’t they, relationship. Instead it will only be a part of the background story of the series. After all, if Kay is off being romanced by Jack, who will figure out whodunnit?

Look for Sir Kay to hit all your favorite retailers April 23rd (that’s tentative! I’ll confirm later in the month) and in the meantime, follow me at Tara Brume, Author on Facebook for snippets and teases of the action to come.

Countdown to Can’t Go Back

Good news! The new book in Tessa Bonny’s Battle Ridge Bittersweet Romance Series will be out March 26th! Can’t Go Back is Book Two of the series.

This book is the story of Mitch Cooper and Charlene Carver (you’ll remember her from Book One as the sassy bartender at The Salty Goat). Missing George and Terry from Give It Away? They make several appearances in Can’t Go Back. You’ll also recognize Colter County Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Reynolds who we’ll see much more of in Someday, Book Three, out later this summer.

Here is the official blurb from Can’t Go Back:

Injured veteran Mitch Cooper doesn’t know what’s missing in his life. Bartender Charlene Carver is just looking for some fun. When Mitch asks Charlene out, both thought it was for a fun night of dinner and maybe a little more.

But, when an attacker viciously stabs Charlene in the middle of their date, any future they might have together is in jeopardy. Can caring for Charlene give Mitch the sense of purpose and reason to quit running from his past that he needs?

Even after Charlene’s attacker is caught, Charlene is still in danger. Keeping Charlene safe is all that Mitch can think of. Reconciling Mitch with his past becomes Charlene’s priority.

Together they are stronger, but are they strong enough to move past the tragedy of their first date to make the life together that neither knew they wanted.

Watch next Tuesday for the official links to buy Can’t Go Back. And in the meantime, post a photo of you enjoying Give It Away (or a selfie, we’re not picky) on Tessa Bonny’s Facebook page and enter the drawing for a free copy of Can’t Go Back!

Welcome Edo!

Battle Ridge has a new face in town– Edo the Maneki Neko. You can follow Edo’s adventures around Battle Ridge here.

Maneki Neko are Japanese cats who bring good luck and fortune to a household or business. The Maneki Neko come in different colors which mean different things. Black Maneki Neko like Edo chase away bad spirits. White Maneki Neko bring good fortune. Gold Maneki Neko bring prosperity and red Maneki Neko bring good health.

Over the next few weeks, several other new faces will join Edo. You will be able to follow them on their adventures in Battle Ridge on my Facebook page. Tessa Bonny, Romance Author.

Down the Rabbit Hole with Jill

Hi! Teresa Blum, dropping in to talk about my current Work In Progress (WIP) and a little about falling down the idea rabbit hole.

I write SciFi/Fantasy and currently I have a novel underway that explores the multiverse. It’s working title is The Third Option. I have a couple other things I’m working on, so often my problem is focusing on one project at a time to see it through to completion.

Today, for instance, I saw a great article about how Jack the Ripper might have actually been Jill the Ripper. A friend (fellow author) and I started discussing it and before we knew it we were both World Building a story where two Victorian women, one of whom was supernatural, teamed up to find Jill because the human woman’s Police Inspector husband and his superiors wouldn’t listen to her theories it was a woman. By the time I got home, she and I were both deep down the research slippery slope and were consulting Ripper lore websites for facts and suppositions we could use in this story we made up on the spot.

Now, she has two WIPs going she is on deadline for and I have several WIPs with deadlines. We decided for now we are tabling the book (okay, we seriously talked about it being a series, full disclosure) but, we are putting it in the hopper to pull back out and take a hard look at later.

You can see that most of the time, an author is their own worst enemy as far as actual writing goes. There is so much research to get caught up in, those websites and blog posts don’t sort themselves, and as an indie you gotta keep up with that crazy social media. So many hats to wear!

So when you are anxiously awaiting the next book from your favorite indie author, keep in mind, they are working without the backing of a large publishing house full of editors, agents and research assistants. They might be “wasting” their afternoon trying to figure out the most popular women’s names during Victorian times. Just remember, no research, no matter how obscure is ever wasted.

Give it Away

Hello! I’m romance author Tessa Bonny here to invite you to read my new release Give it Away, Battle Ridge Bittersweet Romance, Book 1. It goes live January 13th with all the major epublishing outlets: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, and others. It will also be available for you local library to purchase for their ebook library through Overdrive, Bibliotheca and Baker and Taylor.

Give it Away is what I call a Bittersweet Romance because everything is not love and light for George Connelly. Real life struggles work to unravel what he thought was his happy ever after and lead him to a better place he never would have dreamed about.

Give it Away is the first of my Battle Ridge Bittersweet Romance series of books set in the fictional town of Battle Ridge, Montana. I hope you join me as I explore the loves, lives and tragedies of the people of this mountainous Montana playground.

Buy it anywhere your favorite ebooks are sold! Give It Away