Countdown to Special Relativity

Special Relativity, Book One of the Multiverse, will be live Tuesday March 5th. (Hopefully….in many ways I’m at the mercy of Amazon on that timeline.)

I have been working on Special Relativity for a while now. I began it in 2008? 2009? I’ve honestly lost count at this point. I began it and let it languish while I finished my degree. Like many other things during that time of my life, it just got backburnered. But I thought about the story a lot. I would World Build in the shower, practice dialogue in the car, come up with twists in the middle of the night. It was a story that just wouldn’t let me go.

This world, these characters are deep under my skin and I am excited to finally bring them to you this week. I hope they resonate with you as they have me.

On Tuesday, I will post a link to the book. Like other books with Turas Publishing, it will be available everywhere you can buy ebooks. At this time, it will be available electronically only, but that may change in the future, I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks and enjoy! Teresa Blum

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